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Waika Studio - Logo

We are a small team of game designer who created the game studio WAIKA Studio: The first video game studio here in New Caledonia

Our goal ?

Our goal is to show in video games the beauty of New Caledonia and how rich is the Kanak culture !





Who are the team members ?


Production Designer and Level designer, Julien have a passion for video games and wishes for many years now to show the culture and the beauty of island by his favourite medium: games ! 



Nicolas MORNAR

Technical Director, Nicolas has already been working on the industrie of video games like  Warner-Bros for exemple.



Thibault GAUTIER


Game-designer and Managing Director of the studio, Thibault is a big fan of the writing style in video game.



Anthony VERONS

Music Designer and  Sound-Engineer, Anthony is from New Caledonia. Anthony created all sounds effects and soundtracks in the games inspired by the kanak culture.

Colette ALONSO


Financial and Administrative Director, Colette is an active woman since many years now in the domain of culture in New Caledonia. 



Christine DA CUNHA

Commercial Director, Christine have many years of experience in business.





The artist of the studio, Romain has been working for video games compagnies like Sega.




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